Titanium in superyachts

Titanium is strong, very light, resists corrosion and has a beautiful, luxurious finish. Its expense has made Titanium an object of exclusivity. It is the perfect metal for superyacht fabrication, but this unique metal has only recently begun to attract the attention of luxury yacht builders.

Ferro Titanium is used by metal producers to make Titanium alloys. The advantage of Titanium over other metals is that it has much more resistance against corrosion. Standard stainless steel parts are not resistant enough for carbon boats. Materials like Titanium impart a luxurious, modern look which is an advantage for deck equipment. There is definitely a trend to use more Titanium and other exotic alloys, especially on carbon fiber boats and racing yachts. However it’s generally considered to be too expensive for small pleasure craft.

Examples of Titanium products in the super yacht industry include winches, cooling systems, hatches, heat exchangers and deck equipment such as sheet systems and eye plates. There are Titanium products that guarantee continual use of Titanium in seawater for 40 years without steps having to be taken to prevent corrosion.

Source: Superyacht Industry Magazine