The essential role of Nickel in water handling

Nickel plays an essential role in many applications. The infographic, which can be found in the Nickel Institute Magazine, emphasizes the importance of Nickel to maintain the world with another much needed resource: water.

By 2025, the World Bank has estimated that water demand will exceed supply by 40% as the world’s growing population requires more water for agricultural, industrial and personal use. Nickel-containing materials are essential to preserve this resource.

​Poorly maintained and ageing infrastructure are common problems in nearly all major cities in both the developed and developing world, causing extensive water wastage. Nickel-containing materials provide solutions and assist at every step of the water system from collection to distribution. Apart from primary Nickel, FrontMet B.V. is also specialized in secondary (recovered) Nickel units for blending and alloying.

Source: Nickel Institute Magazine